I presented our work on emulating large-scale ICN networks at ACM ICN 2017 during the plenary 1 and at the demonstration session 2. vICN is an open-source framework for virtualization, management and orchestration of ICN networks. It is open-source and part of the Fast-Datapath (FD.io) Linux Foundation project.

Check out the code or our paper to know more.


  1. Virtualized ICN (vICN): Towards a Unified Network Virtualization Framework for ICN Experimentation
    Mauro Sardara, Luca Muscariello, Jordan Augé, Marcel Enguehard, Alberto Compagno, and Giovanna Carofiglio. In Proc. 4th ACM Conf. Information-Centric Networking, 2017. [PDF] [Slides]
  2. Simple and efficient ICN network virtualization with vICN
    Jordan Augé, Giovanna Carofiglio, Marcel Enguehard, Luca Muscariello, and Mauro Sardara. In Proc. 4th ACM Conf. Information-Centric Networking - Demonstration Session, 2017.